…and once again I find I have so much to jump into that deciding where to start is the hard part…

I’m working on a cabled and colorwork cardigan which I’m really loving, but the VK folks have asked me to reswatch a scarf I’ll have in the Winter IK in three different colors (they want to show different colorways in the magazine) I should get to this right away, but it’s hot, mohair is sticky and I’m being childish. So there. I’ll do it later tonight.

A trip to Ikea netted me a new bookshelf type thing to put my yarn in. I think our short term plan is to move me into the kids playroom as my new office (the family gets the dining room back!) then that will give Gerry the impetus to get going on my “real” office in another part of the basement. The kids aren’t thrilled, but they’ve been promised the use of the BIG TV and DVD player while mommy’s in the basement working, so that assuages them. We’re at the point of turning the playroom into a family room, with sofas and more teen-oriented stuff anyway, so this will be our transition move.

It also means that the improvements I make to create my office will be tax deductible. I’m meeting with my accountant to discuss this, but it will be one of the benefits. And I’ve been CRYING out for a place to work. Right now I’m smushed into our breakfast nook which is so overwhelmingly crowded. I’ve flowed out into the dining room and still there is no holding my enormous amount of yarn, books, etc. An office is a way of announcing that I’m finally taking this seriously. No more kicking the dust and mumbling, “I knit…” when someone asks me what I do. I will proudly proclaim, “I’m a hand-knit designer!” and watch their faces glow. Yeah, right.

July is Cheaper month, so I’ll be getting that together – finally! It will be a slim volume, but I think it will be a really nice read. I’m thinking of offering it both as an ebook and as a ‘real’ book – and it will be priced very reasonably because, if it’s not accesible, what good is it?

BTW – do yourself a favor and read Laurie’s horror-scopes I enjoy them so much that I don’t even mind being a Virgo. Briefly.

I was just reading her current, excellent post on financial freedom and it reminded me that I wanted to crow about these shoes I found. I generally can’t afford Birks, can’t find really feminine looking ones, or find them in my size (11/42). So imagine my joy when I stopped by Nordstroms (my favorite store) and THERE were these delicious little (okay, big) shoes in my size for $40! Woohoo! They were the only pair, a discontinued pattern – they’re actually not blue but a pretty oriental rug type pattern in oranges, reds, whites and golds. Smashing. They look most excellent with the gold pedicure…

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