No Pool For You!

It’s a rainy, icky day – no pool, no daycamp, and nutsy kids tearing up the sofa. Good thing I bought them Schoolhouse Rock so they could work on their multiplication tables, it’s been entertaining them all morning!

I think we’ll head over to the Science Center where they can run and explore and mom can sit and knit!

I’ve been in touch with a few bead, wire and jewelry item suppliers to see about getting things for the book – I’m so excited! I have so many ideas that I can barely write then down fast enough. This is going to be a gorgeous book – and with any luck it will actually INSPIRE folks to pick up knitting!

I’m trying to arrange my days so that I get my computer work done in the morning, leaving afternoons free for poolside (the kids generally get out of camp at 1:00) where I can knit and listen to books on tape. I blandly nod at the kids in the pool who are yelling Marco!, POLO! while I listen to The Travels of Marco Polo on my mp3 player. It’s my own little joke – it makes me smile.

As any of you know, I’m infested with the same skulking insecurities that everyone has – when a few weeks go by with no contact from an editor, I begin to think the worst (they figured it out, I’m talentless – they hate me!) then I have to force myself to sit quietly for a bit and come back to earth.

The pool is good for that. We live in a town with an amazing pool – three pools, actually, in a shaded park setting right in our downtown (but it could be miles away) with the regular click of the commuter train every quarter hour or so. And it’s $15 per person for the year. Yes, we have the highest taxes in the state, but our pool is good.

Back to the insecurities – I was very relieved to hear from a good friend and editor yesterday. I’m not on the garbage heap, I’m not forsaken, I’m – as usual – being a little silly.

Egads, when will I outgrow this?

I recently read in another blog a pretty brutal slam of the kids’ sweaters which appear in Fall IK (although nice things were said about the kids themselves …) and it shook me up. Not so much the critique – I’m getting more and more steeled to that and try to take it in stride – but the vitriol of the comment seemed out of line.

It was almost as if I had personally offended this person with my design. I may just send them over the edge with the VK sweater. Unfortunately, the best way to kill exciting and whimsical design is to create a judgemental atmosphere. But some folks can’t help but judge harshly. Ah, well – c’est la vie! As my husband says, If you don’t piss someone off, what kind of a Heretic are you?

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