The absolute best thing a designer can hear is that someone is happy with their finished garment. Believe me, we knit designers carry a large burden of guilt because we feel responsible when someone purchases yarn (which is usually not cheap) and spends vaulable time working up our patterns.

Because hand knit designers usually write the patterns, hearing that the pattern was relatively simple to follow is a close second on the list of Things That Make A Designer’s Day

This morning I opened my email to find not one but two incredible examples of folks working up patterns of mine to excellent effect.

The first was an email from a friend who graciously invited me to stay with her last Spring when I was teaching in NC on my way to visit my mother – my last visit with her. I was a bit of a wreck on that trip, but one thing that I remember very well was that this friend’s daughter was absolutely GIFTED in the fiber arts. I gave her a copy of my universal chair seat pattern because I KNEW that she would be able to work it up, and she has! The very cool decorative painting on the chair are wonderfully whimsical, this is a piece of art!

I also had an email from Anita at Champagne Bohemian who is the first in the Corset Knit Along to finish (as far as I know…)

Her top is exceptional! Not only are her colors perfect together (and so wonderful on a redhead!) but her knitting is just beautiful! I am floating on air today.

I’d really rather hear a good thing from a customre than get a sweater in a magazine – really – it means so much to know that I’ve enhanced someone’s knitting life in any way!


The kids are on the bus to the Russian Circus – a hot, non air conditioned yellow shool bus – but they’re kids, they’re SUPPOSED to sweat in the summer. I don’t think any of our cars had air conditioning when I was a kid and we took our bi-monthly trips from Toledo to Parkersburg (5 hours, 4 if my dad drove…)

So the kids will be gone until 2:00 – when Gerry will be home to get them – so I have HOURS of luxuious knitting time ahead of me! I’m finishing up the body of the cardigan for Art Yarns and it’s calling out to me to add a matching shell to make it a twin set.

I love it when my knitting murmurs sweet nothings to me.

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