Computer Angst

I haven’t been able to send mail all day from my regular email – – so I’ve been using Gmail. If any of you have been waiting for a note from me, I’ll get it to you, I promise!

The truth is, I’ve outgrown my computer. It’s a first generation G3 and I have several other hard drives plugged into it so I can get my work done. I’m using old version of my browsers, my operating systems, everything (and it’s making me nuts!) so the hub thinks it’s time for a computer upgrade. Wahoo! And it’s a business expense. Seriously.

One thing that I have been doing all day since I haven’t been able to answer email is to work on the cover for Cheaper Than Therapy. Here it is (or the first rendering)! Tada!

Now, where was that copy editor who said they’d like to work on this book..?

My dear hub has just ordered me a new Mini Mac. Wahoo! It should be here in a week…

New Yarn Storage
I’ve received a wealth of yarn recently, so I needed to create some new yarn storage. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my new Ikea Bookshelf!

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