Good Stuff

Yesterday was a day of amazing good stuff – one of the coolest days I’ve had in a long time!

First, I woke up and my family were all healthy, happy and rarin’ to go (except for Gerry, who slept in, and deserved it!) The kids made their beds, made their breakfasts and brushed their teeth. What else could a mom want?

I drove up to Poghkeepsie for a bead show – it was not huge, but I found some wonderful stuff and go to visit with some new friends and old friends, too! I think my favorite of the stuff I got are the thin mah jongg tiles, I’m going to knit them up with the small pearls next to them.

Then back in the car and down to White Plains where I visited Iris Schreier at Art Yarns to drop off some stuff, show her some new stuff and pick up a buttload of yarn. That’s an official yarn store measurement, but it’s not used very often. It varies from person to person, and given the size of my butt I could barely manage the bag down to my car. This yarn will become 4 sweaters (including one that will fit ME to be worked up for a new plus-sized knitters pattern venue) and – brilliant – I will NOT be knitting these!

Yes, it’s true, I am moving away from knitting EVERY one of my samples. In this case I’ll be swatching, writing patterns and sending them to Iris so she can hire knitters to work up the sweaters. We’ll find the mistakes (what a concept) fix them, extrapolate the sizes for a wide variety of folks and – my work here is done…

Then back home, where I stopped on the way at our FAVORITE Chinese restaurant where I picked up dinner for the family, including my favorite dim sum item, lotus seed paste buns, yum! [any connection between my unnatural love of these buns and the size of my butt is purely coincidental] And shrimp balls for Maxie!

Then home – where I waited for Gerry and the kids, who’d driven down to Southern NJ to look at a car. But while I waited (and strung beads to make a new choker for the book) I was thrilled to discover this sitting at the front door. Yehaw!

We’ve needed a car for a while, Gerry’s Huyndai Elantra Wagon (it matches mine!) was getting long in the tooth and it was time to trade it in. We’d talked about a lot of different cars, but decided that the PT Cruiser would work best for all of my travel and still be a load of fun. So at 10:00 last night (after getting LOST in Southern NJ for almost 4 hours…) Gerry and the kids drove up in this. It was a dealer car, and he got an AMAZING deal. It’s loaded with stuff that I generally wouldn’t car about (FIVE CD changer?) but it ended up costing slightly less than our newer Hyundai Elantra that we bought new off the lot in 2000.

And Max lost a tooth. NOT in a shrimp ball (thank heaven).

It was an amazingly rich and inspiring day. A lot of good stuff came together in a 24 hour period. Now to my knitting!

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