Apparently we have a hive somewhere on the property, because we’ve had the fourth (count ’em, fourth) sighting of the e-vilest insect on earth around our house.

I’ve only seen one, mind you, and that was after the kids (and the neighbors kids) came screaming into the house that we have a HORNET in our GAZEBO. How dare it. My kids had been telling me for weeks that those cute little black and white teeny tiny “flies” are baby hornets, and I didn’t believe them. I’m sorry, kids…

But the one I HAVE seen was huge. Hold up your index finger, now imagine wings as long as your thumb attached to that finger and you have a rough idea of the size of this mamma. When my husband came running out with a flyswatter he quickly changed his mind and returned with a can of super-mondo-uber Wasp & Hornet spray. The can sports a huge image of a hornet, and after killing this behemoth we realized the photo is, indeed, life sized.

I had to leave right away for knitting group so I didn’t get a photo of the hornet. I’m hoping I won’t have a chance to take a picture of a new one.

Those of you who know me know that I have a DEEP PARALYZING PHOBIA of flying, stinging insects. It’s embarresing (as is the fact that I can’t spell), I try hard not to show fear in front of the kids. They’re fascinated by these things, and a lot braver than I am. I have a physical reaction when I see one – I break out in a cold sweat, I shake all over, there’s a buzzing in my head (and it’s not the insect) and I cannot.move.at.all

Looking for hornet info on the web, I found the scariest friggin’ picture I’ve ever seen at a website called, Hornets, Gentle Giants… Yeah. It’s me again, I’m profiling the hornets, they’re really good, kind, gentle creatures. Oy.

Lots of knitting is happening, lots of scheduling classes, and LOTS of wire work. LOTS. I’ll show some pictures of works in progress soon, but I’m pretty happy with how everything is coming out. Love this wire, man!

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