Gears & Shifting

The Knitting With Wire Book is coming along beautifully – I’m so loving working with the wire and gorgeous beads! I’m in a zone where the designs are coming to me clear and fast, it’s a wonderful place to be. Often I feel stifled, clogged, then the congestion in my design brain will fall away and several really good pieces come out.

It’s such an education in the pitfalls of miscommunication, though! As if I needed further education in that. I am terrible on the phone, and it’s a tribute to the level of our friendship if I can actually hold a conversation with you on the phone. I become forgetful, easily distracted, and if you ask me 5 minutes after the call what it was about (or even IF there was a call) the chances are iffy that I’d remember.

Yet I remember the theme song to any TV show I”ve ever seen. Once.

“…If you’re in doubt about angels being real…”

There’s been some confusion with the publisher about who exactly is to provide the technical drawings in the book. This will resolve itself (I know that in my bones, plus my editor called to tell me not to worry about it at all, it would be ‘handled’) Does anyone remember The West WIng episode where the first lady exclaimed, “Don’t handle me, Jack!” Love that.

There are worst things I could do…

I’m scatting. I actually scatted for the kids in the car the other day, they were astounded. Then later on the Radio Ella came on and she showed them the real way to do it, but they still liked mom’s be bop flair. Skoo-dle-ee-WAH! Had we not set ourselves on the name Hannah, my darling girl would have been Ella in honor of the great singer who died during my pregnancy.

In between wire bouts I work on the love-cardigan for Art Yarns, and ponder patterns for upcoming designs for them. I’ve decided a good name for this cardigan (which I love, did I mention that?) would be Butter & Jam. Or Butter & Marmelade. Me-oh-lady-marma-lah-ahah-ahahd!

Cheaper than Therapy is also running well! There will be over 30 essays, all of them so different, with a few quite breathtaking angles on fiber and living. I love re-reading these essays, they’re so human and true. This, too, has been a wonderful education from the OTHER side of the book. I’m learning more about publishing – and myself – than I dreamed I would.

And speaking of educations, creating the Corset A-long is perhaps the most instructive thing I’ve ever done! It’s amazing to see the pattern through the eyes of 150 other folks, and so helpful as I move on to write new patterns. Which I should be doing now instead of blogging…

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