No Energy

Yesterday was a very, very hot day. Very.

I traveled into the city to meet my editor – and it was nervewracking! She’s a lovely person, I really enjoyed meeting her and some of the other folks who’ll be working on Knitting Jewelry, but I felt so nervous! It’s been a long time since I’d sweated so much (and it wasn’t them – it was ME!)

After lunch I headed down to Penn Plaza for the Directions Show (upcoming trends in fashion and fabric design) and met up with my friend, Athena. The show was good, it was air conditioned, and I slowly overcame the heat exhaustion I’d developed when I WALKED 20 blocks in the blazing heat. WHY? I couldn’t get a cab, I couldn’t stand the though of going down into the subway, and the brain fog that I live with sort of took over and I found myself just walking, walking, walking downtown. Not quite a death march, but close.

Wiser Athena recommended a cab to Soho, where I signed my contract and then we visited Purl Soho. What a lovely shop – and they carry all of my favorite yarns! I was in heaven (air conditioned heaven, with a bathroom) and was sad to leave…

Then back to Penn Station and a train home. Of course, my car wasn’t air conditioned. I zoned out and if the guy next to me hadn’t been getting off at South Orange I probably would have continued in my stupor to Summit!

When I got home I was hot, sweaty, disoriented, and drank my weight in water and iced tea. I went to bed early and was awakened by the quiet at 2:45. Yes, the power had gone out. All the fans in the house were off, clocks stopped, Gerry had to get dressed for work to the light of a camp lantern.

The power was intermittent for the rest of the morning – every time I’d log on or start to write something, the power would go out. It was so frustrating that I just gave up. Finally the power came back on at 2:00 and seems to be steady, so I’m writing this (after several false starts this morning!) I’m off to the pool.

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