It’s amazing how being without a computer for a day can throw you off – that is, when you’re expecting to use it!

Gerry has me set up now on my new MiniMac (or is that Mac Mini?) and it’s amazing. SO fast, so easy, the OS is wonderful. I feel like I’m floating when I’m on the computer, and it really highlights how crummy by old pasted together with gum and post-it-notes system had become!

The catching up part, though, is setting up my new email (those STMP’s – OY!) and just rearranging everything so I can recognize it. It’s MUCH easier, though, than it was last fall when I moved onto OSX the first time. Perhaps I’m just more used to it, or perhaps it’s because this computer is faster and Tiger is a better system than Jaguar?

I’m at the point where I’m sending out proofs of Cheaper Than Therapy for salient quotes from knitting gentry to put on the back of the book. Quotes are good, I know they really help me decide whether to buy a book when I’m holding it in my hand at the store! I’m DYING to see the proof.

But, as always, the hardest thing is the juggling of dates. My mind is a sieve, so I write everything down now. I HAD been keeping separate folders for each teaching gig in my email application, but with mac mail that’s not really possible so I need to change my MO (which is probably good..) But I’ll need a full day of working through that, I think, to feel entirely on top of the engagements and not afraid that I’ll miss one. I’m also starting the practice of sending out letters of agreement with the venues that are hiring me – new for me, but long overdue. It’s good to commit to paper the expectations of each party.

So my catching up and organizing will be pushed to their limit over the next few days. My goal is to get totally organized for Fall. I could start today, but I actually think I’ll wait until Monday because no matter how tightly I seal the door and squirrel myself away in my little office, Hannah visits every few minutes for permission to get a snack (how long until she never asks?) and Max pops in with another exciting bio-metric-tron thingie or detail from the Titanic to share.

I love them so much, and I hate using time when we’re all home together to work – but after next week I’ll have almost a month with no sitter or camp. I really do have to get the organizational stuff done so I can devote much of that kid-filled August time to knitting, swatching and sketching (which I can easily do with them in the room – or with them at the pool!)

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