Sister Shadowlands

It seems from the comments on my last post that there are a lot of us out here – stumbling around in the semi-darkness of a clouded mind some days.

Some days my mind is clear. I feel like the Outer Limits folks have control of my brain.

Thanks so much for the commiseration AND the suggestions. I think the allergy thing may be on the money, too, because yesterday was a TERRIBLE allergy day for me (the weather had changed) and this is the first year that I’ve had allergies to speak of!

Things are moving apace – I’m getting proofed essays back for Cheaper (a proofreader – quel concept!) and I’m sending wire projects into my editor at a rapid pace. I just finished the foreword yesterday – and as soon as I sent it off I thought of a dozen things I should mention. I think I’m going to keep a list of tips to strew throughout the book like little prizes.

Here’s a detail from one of the pieces which I’m tentatively calling Falling Watern It’s a collar necklace – blues and greens in a rhythmic, measured pattern.

The past few days I’ve been working on a lot of bead-free wire projects – I’m really happy with them – and last night I started a series of birthstone bracelets. THESE are going to be great projects – not just because they’ll be lovely – but because they also allow me a chance to explain that gauge with wire is an odd thing. Some of the bracelets I’ll work on size 9’s, some on size 2’s and others on needle sizes in between. But by changing the stitch count only slightly and blocking each wire piece differently, these can be made to fit a variety of wrist sizes. Wire is such a cool fiber!

Back to Earth
After all of the basking I’ve been doing lately it’s good to have the cold spash of rejection to bring me back to myself! I just got all of the sketches I sent to Classic Elite Yarn returned to me – all rejected. Oh, well! It’s always a crap shoot, and rejection in cases like this is really more of an indication of whether my designs fit the editorial vision for this specific round of pattern booklets – which I guess they didn’t!

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