Last Day Of Camp

… and I don’t know what I’m going to do with the kids for a month!

School starts on 9/6.

Usually on the last day of camp they have skits and sing-alongs and stuff, but they’ve been pretty long (and HOT) experiences, so this year it seems they’re just having a nice party / barbeque for the kids. Hooray!

I was watching a documentary on Abraham & Mary Lincoln (a 3-parter I got from netflix) and I found myself just bawling over the death of their sons – especially Willie – yesterday. I am very tenderhearted – and it’s almost inhuman the amount of death an suffering that Mary Lincoln had to endure. I think I’d go a little nuts, too.

Every day as I work on the book a bit I feel more and more that it’s going to be a wonderful collection! The final essays and bios are being proofread and copy edited and I’ve received orders from distributors (I guess this is what they call pre-sales?) I’m putting up a webpage devoted to the book – – but it still needs a few days. In the mean time you can find information on the book here

It looks like there will be an editorial shift in the wire book and it will be encompassing some crochet as well as knitting. I’m very happy with this change as I feel it will make it a richer and stronger book (and free me up sooner for a book on sexy little knits, which will be so much fun!) Working with an book editor is a new experience – I feel like a fish out of water (or at least in NEW waters) quite often, like there’s a secret code which I just can’t quite crack. I’m sure this feeling will pass, it’s always awkward to learn new ways of doing things…

And, happily, it looks as though Men Who Knit may actually have a life! I’d put it aside because I’d been overwhelmed with other projects that had (happily) popped up. But now there may be interest expressed, and we might be a bit closer to seeing this through. I’ve decided that the book definitely needs a male perspective, so I will be co-authoring it with a most excellent male designer (details tk) Gaak – I hate the cloak & dagger nonesense. I don’t want to go publicizing names, though, and have things change for some reason and spend hours explaining to folks why X, Y or Z didn’t actually end up doing A, B and C. Yes, this is my OWN code.

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