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I screwed up – I double booked. I hadn’t done this yet – and it was a mistake. One retreat contacted me for one date, then they emailed to firm up a second date. I, foolishly, didn’t read the email clearly and misunderstood. I thought they were cancelling one date in exchange for another date.

The upshot of the whole thing was that I had booked myself for retreats in both CT and DC on the same weekend. Oy.

I am EXTREMELY fortunate that Destination Knits, a group which holds retreats in the DC area, was incredibly graceful and understanding – and we’re able to work out our schedules so I will be able to do their retreat (just one week after the first one!) I’ll be down in DC for a day long retreat for Destination plus classes on Sunday at Knit Happens in Alexandria, VA.

And the week before I’ll be at the Fabric Of Life Retreat in Connecticut.

I am very lucky – and grateful – that Laurie at Destination Knits was so flexible! And even luckier that the way this new schedule falls out my travel time is reduced (I’ll hit CT on my way home from Boston, and I’ll be in DC already the following weekend for Knit Happens. How lucky am I?!)

The Men & Dog book is really going to happen! Contracts aren’t signed yet, but it will be published by Lark Books and I have asked Drew Emborsky – the Crochet Dude to be a co-author on the project. I love his perspective, and I have several other projects going concurrently so it seems quite practical to find a way to share the work. I’m VERY excited!

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