Are you dry?

If so, consider giving – either through the Salvation Army, the Red Cross or another venue.

It may seem odd that I’m suggesting you give via the Salvation Army. I identify myself most comfortably with the Reform Jewish community, and the name “Salvation Army” seems the antithesis of what I’d be promoting. But I can tell you from personal experience that when the chips are down and a family needs help, the Salvation Army doesn’t preach, it doesn’t witness, it doesn’t try to save you – they just say, “How much do you need and where should we send the check…?”

During WWII my uncle said the same thing. He was hospitalized with severe wounds, and would tell us how the Salvation Army came to visit and brought decks of playing cards – exactly what the guys REALLY wanted – when the Red Cross would give them (in his words) “Stale donuts and bad coffee” I think, however, the Red Cross is a tremendous resource for those in need, too.

Just don’t overlook the Salvation Army. After 911, when my husband lost his job, the SA offered to pay our TEMPLE DUES for us – that was really all that I needed to confirm what I’d been told by my Uncle.

Today was a day off! My friend Alison, her daughter and my two maniacs drove to Easton, PA to the Crayola Factory. It was overwhelming – very busy – but the kids had a blast and we ran into one of Max’s best friends (small world!) I did knit on the way out and back, but very little time was spent on the computer or writing patterns. I’m trying to average 7 – 10 patterns a week for the next 2 weeks so I can get MWK projects sent out as soon as yarn arrives. I hover between flop-sweat panic, exhillaration and a kind of out-of-body sleep where I dream of details I have to add to the patterns.

And now back to our previously scheduled knitting.

BTW – I will be in LA in Oct – and there’s a chance I may come out earlier than anticipated (10/21 instead of 10/23) this means I’ll be able to schedule weekend knitting classes, so if you know of a venue that would like to have me, let me know. If I get the interest I’ll come on out early!

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