I Can Make You A Man

Even if he’s only 8″ long.

Boy, that sounds terrible – I didn’t mean that…

No, my little man isn’t quite as exciting as all that, I’ve been working on a pattern for a little man doll and anyone who would like to try to knit it up is welcomed to! This is a RAW pattern. But haven’t we learned that raw things are usually better for us? Anyway, if you’d like to work up your own little knit man, here’s the pattern.

Little Man
Finished Meas = 2-1/2î across, 8î high when worked in sock weight yarn

Skill Level: K 3 Intermediate

Fiber: Your Choice
Yarn A – Dark Color
Yarn B – Light Color
Yarn C – Tan-ish Color

Gauge: Not important

Needles Required: dpns in 2 sizes
Size 1: 1 size smaller than you’d normally use with your yarn of choice
Size 2: 1 size smaller than size 1.

Notions: Darning needle, crochet hook (same size as needle #1)
Stitches Used: W&T – Wrap & Turn, C-Bobble, K2tog, VDD – Vertical Double Decrease, Kitchner Stitch, Backstitch (sewing)
(see below for explanations of knit stitches)

Little Man
With A and smaller dpns, cast on 9 sts. Divide evenly between 3 dpns and work in st st for 2 rounds. Inc 1 st on each needle (12 sts) and cont in st st for 6 more rounds.

Next round: K8, W&T
Next row: K7, W&T
Next row: K6, W&T
Next row: K5, W&T
Next row: K4, W&T
Next row: K3, W&T
Next row: K2, W&T
Next row: K3, W&T
Next row: K4, W&T
Next row: K5, W&T
Next row: K6, W&T
Next row: K7, W&T
Begin working in rounds again, work in st st for 4 rounds. Divide sts equally into front and back sts, place on holder.

Repeat for 2nd shoe.

Slip all sts from both shoes onto larger dpns, keeping back shoe and front shoe sts placed so that both shoes point in the same direction – 24 sts.

With B begin working in St st rounds. Inc 1 st at each outer edge (outseam of the pants side) in each of the next 2 rows – 28 sts. Cont working in st st for 34 rounds. In final round work 1 3 st bobble on each outer edge.

Cont in st st, work sweater as foll:
(With A, work 2 rounds. With C, work 1 round) twice, then work 2 more rounds in A. With B, work 3 rounds, with C work 3 rounds, then work 3 more rounds in B. With A work 4 rounds, inc 1 st at each outer (shoulder) edge – 30 sts. Cont with A, work 4 more rounds, inc 1 st at each outer edge – 32 sts. Cont with A, work 2 more rounds in A.

At this point stop and turn doll inside out. Weave in ends. Turn doll right side out again and fill the pants and sweater with fiberfill. Do not overfill, but make sure that filling is well distributed.

Divide sts as foll: 16 center front sts on one needle, 9 sts on each other needle (join at center back). Work to shoulder edge, break yarn, leaving a 20î tail.

With a darning needle graft the outer 4 sts from the front and the back together using the kitchner stitch to create a shoulder – 5 sts left on back needle, 12 st left on front needle. Continuing with tail, work across to other shoulder and repeat – 5 sts left on back needle, 8 sts left on front needle – 18 sts total. Work 1 round.

(here’s a tutorial on kitchner stich- scroll to bottom of page)

Change to C and work in st st for 8 rounds.
Next round: Starting at center back, k2tog, k1, k2tog; next needle, k2tog, k4, k2tog; next needle, k2tog, k1, k2tog – 9 sts.

At this point fill head with fiberfill.

Next round: VDD, k2tog, k2, k2tog, VDD. Break yarn, leaving a 9î tail. Draw tail through rem 6 sts and pull tightly. Make a small knot at top of head and weave yarn into head.

With a strand of B create a backstitch ìseamî up the center of the legs, ending about 6 rows before start of sweater. In the same manner, create two ìseamsî from the bobble stitch up to the shoulders, stopping about 8 rows from the top of the shoulder.

With C embroider over the bobbles until they are completely covered, add fingers if desired. Create 3 dimples on the front of the face by creating a tack where the eyes and nose would be.

With crochet hook, pull 3î pieces of A through the stitches at the top of the head starting at the center and working out to the hairline until top of head is covered – do not overload the top of the head with hair! Using sharp scissors, ìtrimî hair into whatever hairstyle you desire.

Stitch Definitions

W&T – Wrap & Turn: Slip next st to RH needle, wrap yarn around stitch and return to LH needle. Turn work and begin working back in the opposite direction from the previous row.

I-Bobble: K3 sts into next st. [Slip these three sts back to LH needle and knit] repeat 2 more times, end VDD.

VDD – Vertical Double Decrease: Sl 2 sts as if to work k2tog-R, k1, pass slipped sts over (decrease of 2 sts)

K2tog-R: (aka k2tog) Knit 2 sts together so they slant to the right when viewed from RS of work

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