What's On Annie's Back Porch Today?

Lots of boxes. Empty boxes that had books in them a few hours ago, filled boxes that were flat and stored in other boxes, little boxes, big boxes – and this doesn’t cover the stack of boxes of yarn that’s in my dining room.

CHEAPER THAN THERAPY IS HERE! The books arrived today and they look wonderful! I’m filled with pride (happy with myself, thrilled with my essayists, very pleased with the look of the book) and with a little fear (I have a lot invested in this book, it will probably take a while to break even – but as with any risk the chance to do well are great, too…)

And I should have had a larger print run. I was astounded when distributors began ordering shipments a few weeks ago, and by the time I placed the print order I should have sensed that there was an interest. Since ordering the books I’ve received several other large orders from Amazon and other book wholesalers, so I’m in the odd position of having a table of unfilled orders – I need to order more books NOW. And there’s that fear thing.

WIthout going into the gory details of book sales, when you sell to a distributor they get a HUGE discount. This is negotiable, and I’ve worked out pretty tight contracts with most of the firms I deal with, but it’s still rough to make much money on those sales unless the volume is very big. But when a book is carried by a distributor, it’s more legit and I think folks are more willing to give it a try. I’ve tried to keep the price on this book very low and still make a profit. Add in paying a halfway decent fee to the 37 contributors and it is a risk. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Writing 37 checks this evening brought it home in an immediate way, though.

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