I'm A Muscle Fan

This is my friend’s dog, Cisco, sporting one of the items from the Men Who Knit book. Isn’t he adorable? A muscle shirt for a muscular man.

I find myself working up a bunch of the doggie stuff because I need to see if my measurements are correct. So far, so good (and thank heavens I have a pretty wide range of friends with dogs who are happy to be fit models!) Figuring out patterns for dogs is a whole different animal than figuring out patterns for humans. However, I generally have some wacky shapes in my regular-human-type sweaters, so I figure it’s all math!

The big question is how do my sizes square with the types and shapes of doggie who are out there. I find myself petting (and hugging) a LOT of dogs to get a sense of the general girth of the dog-on-the-street. And the dogs are loving it.

This book is a wonderful education on yarn – I’m finding a lot of yarns I hadn’t played with before, and I’m falling in love over and over. It’s so sad when I actually have to pack up the boxes to mail to the knitters – I can barely bring myself to tape the box shut.

I apologize for having the most boring blog on the internet. Shouldn’t there be one of those contest with little awards we can slap onto our sites for boring-ness? Okay, this will spice it up. The more fascinating my life is (oh, yeah – making those peanut butter sandwiches every morning then sitting down to a straight 8 hours of algebra on the computer is INSANELY engaging) the less time I have for blogging. I just wish I could tear myself away from taping box after box together, but I’m afraid the cardboard monkey is on my back and I jones for the sound of packing tape rrrrrrwack-ing off of the roll.

House of Eternal Benjamin Moore
The house is almost finished (wasn’t that fast?!) and it looks delightful! Apologies to all who felt I should single-color Chez Mildew (as we’ve started calling it) but the combination of brick on the bottom and wood shingles on the top already gives a design break to the house, so a different color is a way to celebrate that.

Yellow on the top also makes the house look much bigger. Folks who come into my house are stunned [and not just by the piles of laundry or stacks of un-put-away toys] to see how much room there is inside. It’s not a huge house, but it has been very intelligently designed (hmmm? has that become a loaded term?) and every inch of space is used very well. We generally hear comments like, “Wow, your house looks so small from the outside…!”

So now we’re looking forward to comments like, “Gee, those colors really break up the line of the house and cause me great pain, but the house looks SO much bigger!” It’s all good.

The hardest part of the house painting has been the removal of the screens (we’re a non air conditioned house) so we’ve been sweltering for most of this past week. We’ve been having a very humid and warm spell – which is blessedly gone today – so the house has been stuffy and not real pleasant. But really cool looking from the outside! Pictures later…

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