It’s very exciting to be looking at photographers for the wire book – very cool indeed! My editor sent me a link to a photographer who’s stuff is very cool, and he seems to photgraph metal and wire quite beautifully.

It reminded me that I have to send a note to Chris Hartlove to thank him for the amazing photograph of my kids in IK – I have been terrible about writing thank you notes for, oh, 43 years. I guess it’s time to change!

Speaking of photography, I’ve been tracking down dogs in my neighborhood and slapping sweaters on them and photographing them. This evening I walked down to the home of a cute little wire haired fox terrier and – thank heaven – her owner was happy to let me dress up the doggie and the sweater I’ve been working on fits like a glove. Excellent! Now I’m looking for a 30-40lb doggie for another sweater…

Off I go…

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