It's Baaa-aaack

My favorite show of all time – The Amazing Race.

Man, I love that show. And my family would have been AMAZING in the episode tonight (puh-leeze, we can drive from Soho to 91st st to the GW bridge and on to PA with our eyes closed – and quite often do…)

Maxie will be 8 in January. That means he’ll be old enough for us to sign up for the race. It looks to me as though they’ll be doing most of the travleling in the US this time (which makes a lot of sense when you’re working with kids)

Oh, yeah. The asthmatic knitting instructor on the Amazing race… I can see it now…

Here are a few reflections from tonights episode:

That one not-very-nice family – the Pallo’s – man, they treat their mother like garbage. She should have never let them grow up like that, but it does seems that they modeled their behavior after their dad. How on earth can he let them SPEAK to their mom like that?

And – as always – I get perturbed by the contestants who think that god is a gumball machine, “Please, god, let us come in first!” – arrgh. As if the eternal force in the universe is concerned about who makes it to the pitt stop first. Oy.

But I have to admit that I was bawling at the end of the show. The look on the two boys faces who came in last. They were SO sad, the older brother was so mature when he complemented his little brother. (If the Pallo family had come in last I think there would have been a death on the way home.)

Favorite team – the 4 sisters in pink – they made me laugh. And I also like the family with the running kids a lot, they seem to work well as a team (I LOVED that kid singing in the buggy as they galloped past the 4 strong 20-somethings who couldn’t make it up the hill!)

BUT – having said all of this – there was an interminable amount of CAR TIME in this episode. And next week is a reenactment of a Civil War battle, so they must not be going very far out of PA. Please. I mean, I realize that GM is a sponsor, but watching folks drive through NJ is a little too close to home to be really gripping TV for me.

Yet I was glued to the screen.

So, yes, I do like LOST – but I can get lost in The Amazing Race. I hope this season gets better, though.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a knitter version of that? Teams set off and have to visit yarn shops around the world and perfect a new technique or stitch before they can move on…? Very groovy. And the 15 people who would watch it would really enjoy it, I’m sure…

Quote of the day, “My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was dysfunctional.” Yeah, this is the guy whose salary we want to keep paying as a consultant to FEMA.

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