I’m behind in my publicity for Cheaper Than Therapy – at this point last year I had Confessions in the hands of several reviewers, I’d taken out ads in a few mags and I’d done a full postcard run.

So far with Cheaper I’ve done the postcards (2 days ago) – I’m sending them to all of the yarn shops I have a listing of in the states where there is a writer for the book. Sort of dart on the wall method of marketing, but there it is! I JUST got my 2nd printing (and, you guessed it, I underestimated again so I’ll be out of books before I finish the weekend…) so it’s back to press on both Confessions and Cheaper. Scary, but good.

But even with the minor publicity, some things are happening and I’m incredibly PSYCHED to see this today:

Check out the third book down, hmmmm? Woohoo! I’m featured, baby! Well, everyone involved in the book is featured (and you can find a list of all of the authors here!

I’m planning my Boston trip now – it’s so exciting! It’s my first teaching trip to Boston, and although I love that town I haven’t been there in weeks. And, even though I’m ostensibly a New Yorker, I do love the Red Socks. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring!

I’m gearing up for a long run of teaching in October. I’ll be down in MD at one of my favorite shops, Woolwinders, then as I drive back to NJ I’ll stop at Loop in Philly and teach two Combination Classes.

I’ve been invited to speak at a tea at Saybrook College the weekend of Rhinebeck, which is such a thrill! I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m very flattered to be asked! I’ll have to take some hats.

Then some more teaching in CT at Sit & Knit in West Hartford, a private visit with the proprietress of Lula’s Melange, and on to Boston where I’ll finally meet Grumperina in person!!!

I’ll be teaching at WEBS and also for the Greater Boston Knitting Guild. Then I come home and chill for a bit before LA. Okay, I chill for an evening. More about LA later – I love LA.

I get a lot of emails from folks in Illinois and the Chicago area asking me, “When are you going to come out here?”

I’m coming to Wisconsin in December, but so far the postcard I sent to a lot of the yarn shops begg – I mean asking – if they’d like me to teach a class have been, ahem, lost in the mail? Yeah, THAT’S it! They got lost! (speaking of which, what is UP with that show?)

So, if you live around Chicago or between Chi and Wisconsin and know of a yarn shop where I should teach, please let me know (and let them know, too… ) and maybe I’ll be teaching near you in early December!

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