Birthday Fun

My daughter and her friends, on a dragon in October

So the fun was intense, the day was gorgeous, and upon returning home mothers and daughters performed one handed cartwheels in the backyard (I watched) A great day!

I’ve been so busy that I’ve been neglecting the blog – sorry! The man/dog book is going well – just about everyone who’s knitting has yarn now, I’m waiting on yarn for a few more pieces and hope to get all of that squared away before leaving next week for my long trip.

The wire book is in a state of flux – the switch from a knitting only book to a knitting/crochet book has meant that some pieces are cut, and determining which are the best ones to go is rough. For some reason I’m finding it hard to throw myself into crocheting up a few extra pieces. I generally let this stuff go until it feels right – until I feel some inspiration.

I’ve learned from experience that when I try to force any kind of inspiration it’s a mistake. I spend so much time walking home from the awful date the bad-boy rotton idea took me on – and when I get back to my front door I inevitably find a note left by Mr-right-idea. Better to just stay at home and work up swatches.

Of course, sometimes the date isn’t awful, sometimes I have fun – but I can’t count on it. So now I’m sitting on my metaphorical sofa waiting for the call from the good idea. Mr. Inspiration.

I think I played too much Mystery Date (the 1960’s version, not the cool 70’s one) as a kid. I think I may have even played it at my 9th birthday (Hannah’s favorite game is Simpson’s Monopoly followed by Pretty Pretty Princess – which Max also loves to play, especially when he wins all the jewelry and dresses himself up. I’d post photos, but even I’m not that cruel of a mom.)

I’ve also been visited by another good friend, dear Bronchial Infection! Usually we spend a good part of every winter together, the holidays aren’t the same without him. The whole family just loves him, but I’m his special friend.

Due to my new status as an insured party I have antibiotics in hand and with any luck BI will be history in a few days. I sure hope it’s not the Avian Flu – I might end up in quarrentine.

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