Great Classes – Traffic From Hell

My classes this weekend were wonderful – great students, excellent questions and I think folks left with a clearer understanding of how a knit stitch is made and why wrapping yarn in a different direction can change everything.

I get so jazzed when I have a great class – right now you can call me Thelonius.

In a dark counter experience, the traffic was the worst I’ve ever seen.

I left NJ on Friday and spent nine (NINE!) 9 hours on the road on what is usually a 3 hour trip. I felt a little like The Castaways – prepared for a 3 hour tour and ending up marooned forever. After a particularly long spell sitting in one place (for 2 – count ’em TWO hours without moving an INCH) I finally realized that I could pull my knitting out and get through some rows.

I arrived in Maryland at the lovely Jacqui’s home (of Woolwinders) and there was quite a lively crowd warmed up for me. I was supposed to have dinner with them, but instead I scarfed some delicious Ziti while they continued drinking. I tried to catch up – really – but I was no match for 9 women laughing at porcelain. I can’t explain. Jacqui’s staff is as insane as I am, and I love that.

The class at Woolwinders the next day was exceptional – both were, actually. It’s such a wonderful shop – well run and with great atmosphere. The students were clever and funny – we had a great time! I just love Jacqui’s shop – I wish I lived closer!

I left Jacqui’s at 6:30 this morning, but I still didn’t make it to Loop Yarns in Philly until 20 minutes after I was supposed to be there. Craig is the nicest guy – what a prince! He made me feel at home, well-loved and not one bit guilty for arriving terribly late (what is WITH me and the roads this weekend?)

Although not a big shop, it’s so adorable – and filled with yarns that I love! Good colors, good light, really excellent staff – and a very cute little window display (heh heh)

The students were wonderful! It was so great to meet folks I’ve only emailed (one of the contributors for the Crochet Calendar was in the first class – hey Mani!) Oh – by the way – the calendar WILL be to the contributors! I promise! I don’t have my own yet, so it’s not like any of the contributors have missed out. They’re just still on the way. Bummer – but in the scheme of life a minor irritation.

To make up for my insane hair and lack of makup (the entire population of Delaware thanks me for not applying mascara as I drove through the Screen Door State) I got very silly at the class at Loop. Okay, sillier than usual. And I also got very deep. Scary.

Note to self: Don’t mix humor and profundity, someone is bound to get hurt (or confused…)

Duirng one of my many trips to my car during my classes to root through my luggage for 1) A brush 2) My inahler 3) some books 4) A magazine 5) A Calendar 6 ) Perfume, I almost talked a guy into coming into the shop to learn to knit. But he turned me down. Darn.

Craig, however, is an exceptional knitter – excellent cables – and he (along with Jacqui’s husband, another really great knitter – you should see the gorgeous cashmere vest he made!) will probably have a little write up in the Men Who Knit book.

I took it as a good sign that I ran into so many good male knitters this weekend. Okay, two. But they were good!

Wire Me
And now I have to go try to put some of this non-wire weekend to use by noodling around and getting a few good crochet projects worked up. The kids have off tomorrow (why even attend school in the month of October is what I’d like to know…) so I’ll work late because we can ALL sleep in tomorrow. Woohoo!

Classless Shop
And no word from the owner of the shop who will not be named over the weekend. Essex Co Courthouse, here I come!

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