It’s just disgusting outside. Rainy, floody, windy – yech.

The good news is, maybe this weather system will inspire me to create a new sweater…

The bad new is, I have to go into NYC today for a photo shoot.

Usually I LOVE going into the city – adore it! I love taking the train, love the hustle of the city, love seeing all the faces. I lived in NYC (Manhattan & Bklyn) for 16 years, and 98% of the time felt certain that I was in the right place at the right time for me. It had been my dream to move to NY ever since watching Ann Marie on That Girl (Oh, DONald!)

Then when Rhoda returned in the 70’s, my fate was sealed.

But today it’s just icky. Blech.

So instead of the train, I’m driving in. I feel terribly guilty doing it – I can tell how guily I feel because I keep trying to justify it. Here are my justifications thus far:

1) It’s rainy.
2) I’m carrying stuff (tools, needles, finished projects – not a whole bunch of stuff, but enough!)
3) My asthma is bad today (it’s weather induced – rain and cold make it miserable)
4) The subway would be a mess (okay, NOT a valid reason…)
5) Finding a cab would be impossible (see #3 as to why I don’t want to run up and down subway stairs, lazy me!)

Driving in means a little more $$ – tolls into the city are about equal with the train, and then there’s parking (which I’m certain I’ll have to pay for – the photographer is in SoHo for heaven’s sake!)

Driving also means – perhaps – a lot of waiting in traffic. It is raining (I’m not sure if I mentioned that)

But driving also means I have my own refuge.

And driving means more fossil fuels out to the world.

I’m pretty excited to see how my items will be photographed – a new experience for me! I’m sure the photographer will be asking me for my opinion on the setups, “Well, Bela, I prefer to lay the pieces on a clean bedspread or maybe, for an earthy look, on my living room floor.” Ah, yes, photo chat. Not.

I’ve been to shoots before – heck, I’ve styled shoots – but this time I feel like my role will be to just stay in the background, nod, look happy and shut up. I’m good at #3, so that’s what I’ll use as my strength. Heaven knows the photographer doesn’t need an army kibbutzing as he’s setting up shots.

I contacted Namaste Needles and they sent a bunch of cool needles as props for the shoot. I haven’t seen them – they went right to the editor – but she says they’re great. I also sent a BUNCH of fresh wire spools, mulitple colors and gauges, and a whole bunch of beads that I used for pieces in the book. Since I’m driving I’ll take my little Nuts & Bolt Drawer which I’ve filled with beads and wire for this book. I suppose it’s better to have them with me – especially as I’ll be driving!

However, the main point is that it’s raining.

And now back to you, Katie…

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