Max came downstairs this morning with the annoucement he isn’t going to eat today. What he has to atone for, I have no idea, but we’ll see how long this lasts (I’m betting until 10:30…)

Rain, rain, rain. Moving on…

Yesterday I attended Day 1 of the Knitting with Wire photo shoot – wow! WOW! WOW!

Bela (Bay-la – oddly my daughter’s Hebrew name), the photographer, is amazing. He has a vision, it’s clear and well presented, and he works well with the model (who is an intelligent collaborator in the process – she’s a gem!) The art director is focused and on point – she gives excellent direction – and the processs moved very well. What a wonderful experience!

Today I return for the balance of the shots – 20 image shots and 10 atmosphere shots – which will make up the book. The Concept (capital C) is that hands will hold all of the pieces, but the pieces will not be worn in a literal sense. The earrings will be held, the necklaces wrapped around the hand, the bracelets balanced between fingers – the shots are absolutely amazing!

As I watched the process I couldn’t help but wonder how many folks may be put off by this approach, and it’s a consideration, but it can’t be a veto of a very exciting concept. I think many, many more will be drawn into the beauty of the finished product, and will become passionate about creating these pieces themselves.

I’m struck by the photographer and art director’s ability to not second guess themselves – to make a decision and stick with it – which is 99% of designing! When you get a haircut you KNOW you’re in good hands when the stylist is quick and efficient – I feel the same way about this shoot.

I’ve attended shoots where folks are continually second guessing themselves and each other because there isn’t a strong commitment to the concept. I’m practical enough to understand that concept must be tossed out the window when it’s not working, but this one is – the shots so far are very compelling. I’m hoping that any comments protesting such a non-literal interpretation of the pieces will be quieted by the sheer beauty of the images.

I’m so excited to go back and see what they do today! Considering it took me 2 (TWO) hours to get home last night from SoHO (I started at the Holland Tunnel, then chose the Lincoln after 3 hour delays were reported on Rt 9 – yikes!) AND paid $27 to park my car and I’m still chomping at the bit to return and see my pieces photographed is a testament to how well this process is working – fabulous!

Oh – yeah, I’m working on Yom Kippur. One more thing for which I need to atone. Pass the bread. Well, I am officially a Methodist. We atone every day. Maybe I’ll find parking today.

Mighty Mitre

Check out this amazing piece that one of my knitters is working up!! It’s not yet finished – it’s mitred dog blanket to toss across a car seat for travel. I wanted to cover a lot of techniques in my book, to whet folks appetites so they’ll be encouraged to try new things. This is the first mitering that this knitter’s done (I think…) and he’s absolutely remarkable.

He’s very handsome, too, so we’ll definitely have to get some good shots of him. Oh, good heavens, can you tell that I’m selling out already? It must be that time spent in the photographers studio.

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