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Finally it’s ready for public consumption! And this time, with the help of Iris from Artyarns and a sample knitter and excellent pattern checker, I feel pretty secure that it’s relatively error-free. Love that word, relatively. Mwa!

I’ll have the pattern up soon – it’s an intermediate/advanced knit, but it’s pretty satisfying and makes a nice multi-seasonal project which can be worked up in any worsted weight yarn (I used Artyarns Ultramerino 6 – which is a dream to work with – but this would be excellent in a nice cotton, too!)

Like Balto traversing the Alaska wilderness, doggie and men sweaters continue to find their way to my home. There’s a statue of Balto in Central Park (actually, the last time I was there with the kids some guy kept insisting that it was really Balto’s Mother, but he wasn’t wearing a Ranger’s Hat so I didn’t quite trust what he was saying…)

I have this fantasy of throwing one of the doggie sweaters up on the bronze Balto and photographing it for the book. Hmmm – today would be a good day for that (but I’m far, far too busy – ) However, I will be in NYC on Friday evening to teach at The Point, so maybe I’ll go in early with some doggie stuff and see my fantasy realized. Maybe the weather will be as exceptional as it is today!

Anyone else know of any good doggie statues?

I dropped my Kenmore sewing machine a few months ago. It broke into a thousand pieces – unsalvagable – and I chose to just move on and mourn later. Actually, for a cheap-o machine, it was very good – I chose it because I could afford it, but it did yeoman service for me for 13 years.

Yesterday I returned to Sears and picked up another Kenmore. I shopped and looked and did the online comparisons. I had my eye on an Elna and a Husquevarna, but when push came to shove the cheap gene took the day. The amount of sewing I do these days is minimal, but I NEED the machine for things like steeking, lining, and making slip covers. I’m not really doing heavy duty couture work or any tailoring.

I saw the machine I liked at Sears – not the bottom of the line, but not the full bells and whistles model, either. It was actually last year’s model and they have a new, swanky replacement for 2006.

This means that dear old 2005 was on sale ($40 off!) and they only had the floor model left, which I bought. Yes, I have no manual, but I really don’t need one as it’s a virtual remake of my last machine (just a bit jet-settier looking) And, being a floor model, I got a further 30% off. Total damage – $103.00. Life is good.

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