Driving in the Fall

I love the Fall – it’s my favorite season! And I love driving. Vrooom. I miss my mother when I drive, because she was such a good driver. Driving in the Fall is amazing – going away and teaching for the weekend is almost like a mini holiday. Except that I’m working.

Friday I taught at the Point – which was swell and great and I hope I get to go back soon!!

Saturday I drove up to Westport, CT to teach at Knitting Central – a really beautiful shop with extraordinary luxury yarns (LOVE the selection of beaded fringe you can buy by the yard to finish off scarves!) Cynthia made me feel at home, the students (13!) were all quite good, and it was a very enjoyable class. The break in the middle of the class for a Starbucks run was also greatly appreciated!! Pumpkin latte – Fall – yippee! A fellow student and I commiserated that when the Pumpkin latte season is over we cry.

Then after class I rushed to Bridgeport and caught the Port Jeff Ferry to Long Island. It was $41, but it saved me over 80 miles of driving in NY area traffic, so it was WELL worth it! At the start of the trip I sat on the deck and knitted – the moon was a perfect crescent, the air was chilly but not freezing. As we headed into the Sound, though, it got a little breezy for me so I headed inside and knit while sipping another cup of coffee (sorry Drew…) knitting, listening to Charlie Wilson’s War on my mpg player. Intruige, caffine and knitting – what could be better?

My nightmare scenario did not come true, the boat docked and the trip was not a reinactment of The Perfect Storm. I guess I was being a little dramatic.

Then on to the outer reaches of Long Island – to Greenport (where one catches the ferry to Shelter Island) to stay at Christine’s very homey cabin over night before teaching at Now & Zen Fiber Arts. It was an intimate class – a great group of women – and we had a delightful day working through first the Cocoon sweater, then the lace pattern for the Corset. I left around 4:30 – and finally pulled into my driveway at 8:00 – for some hearty hugging and tucking in.

The amazing drive was made even more amazing by my car. I love my car. Mwa! It’s so cute – so purple – and it has a sun roof! I hadn’t thought much of that in the summer, when I was hot and didn’t want the sun to beat down on me. But now that it’s Fall a little sunlight is wonderful – and peeking up into the October blue sky, catching a few errant leaves as they scoot into my passenger seat – THAT is a great, fun way to travel! And – it may just be me – but I think folks like seeing the car. I have a MUCH easier time easing into traffic in this car – I think it’s because folks are inclined to let the cute car go in front of the. Or maybe I’m just projecting – but I’m having a great time in the PT Cruiser (Puddin’). My mother would have LOVED this car.

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