Today is one of those incredibly windy November days that are designed to blow every last remaining leaf off of the branches and ruin good, hardworking rakers labors. I haven’t raked, yet, so I’m enjoying the force of the wind!

We all went for a walk today – me, the kids and Atticus – windy, blowy, sunny day! And then back home for soup. I was going to take them to see Wallace & Grommit, but instead they have an impromptu playdate with some friends (we can do the movie tomorrow – maybe it will rain and we’ll need an indoor activity!)

For me, the afternoon with be knitting and assembling pieces for men who knit which have arrived with little tweaks required (I asked some of the knitters to send in pieces a bit unfinished so I could do that part). Zippers to sew, mostly. I also just found out I’ll have a few pieces in Summer IK and the next IK Crochet, so there are patterns to write up for that, too! Work is good.

And I have an essay to expand – well, it IS expanded, but I need to make it work better.

Did anyone happen to watch Trading Spouses last night? That is my guilty pleasure, and it was extremely gratifying last night. Demon OUT!. Between that and the 2 hour Amazing Race on Tuesday, I’m just a flutter. And all of that angst makes me knit faster!

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