Finishing, fininshing

ñ Are you finished?
ñ No, Scots & French, actually… And Dutch.

It doesn’t take a lot to make me laugh.

The sweaters are arriving thick and fast, which means a good amount of tweaking is creeping up on me quicker than I’d realized. This week the kids have school EVERY DAY, which is a minor miracle for NJ schools in November. Woohoo! That means I may actually GET WORK DONE as opposed to playing with the kids.

TO FINISH TODAY – Crocheted circular lace thingie. Similar to VK shrug in construction, but it’s crocheted. And it’s lace. And it’s not for VK.

Sew zippers into Dog Carrier Bag – this has been on my table for weeks. Okay, I don’t like zippers any more than the next person. Unless the next person is Carol Duval (hi Laurie!) Did you know I used to watch her on a Detroit TV show when I was a kid – could that be the same Carol Duval?

Sew zipper into man’s alpaca pullover – one of my male knitters worked this up and it’s just scrumptious! The yarn is from Blue Sky Alpacas and it’s soft as buttah (I tells ya) – this is an amazing sweater – and an excellent thing to do on a November day.

That’s all I’ll ask of myself today. I’ll feel very happy if I get that far!

An AMAZING sweater arrived yesterday, but there are some problems (not the knitters fault – design things I MUST change at this point) so I’ll be dissecting parts of the sweater and re-knitting them. It makes my life hellish, but the sweater needs a bit of a change. I’m going to put that off until tomorrow when I have an entire kid-free day to concentrate on it.

This week a new book proposal goes into a meeting to determine if it will live or be passed along to the next victim – er – publisher. If it happens it will be a pretty book, and we all like pretty things, n’est ce pas?

And, just because my daughter has discovered pig latin and insists on speaking it at every meal (hi Lawrence!), here is my favorite discovery of the month. You’ve probably all known about this for a long time, but it made me laugh a lot.

See, I told you it didn’t take much…

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