10 Out the Door!

Today I’m sending the first 10 finished projects to Lark for Men Who Knit and I’m very excited! Other projects are coming in, I feel that I have a handle on the progress of everything in the book and Drew is doing an AMAZING job compiling profiles of knittin’ men (the range and variety of these guys is astounding – I just heard from the fastest knitter in the world’s husband, who also knits!). Feelin’ good about the book – yeah!

Getting this batch of sweaters out gives me a little breathing space, too. I need to sit down and work up buttons for future teaching dates, folks are asking what I’m doing after Wisconsin in December, and I need to tell them!

If you live in the Chicago/Southern Wisc area and would like to attend what promises to be an amazingly relaxing and restful knitting weekend, THIS may just be the retreat for you. It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, which to me seems a perfect time to take some time for yourself before the Holiday rush hits full swing. I’ll be teaching there, as will Jan Becker of Kimmet Croft Fibers (www.fairyhare.com), who does the most amazing Bohus style designs, and Toni from The Fold will be teaching spinning with a drop spindle. Maybe I can finally mistress that…

Sleep’s been very hard lately, my asthma’s been out of control (the humidity married with this chest cold) and I’ve been tossing and turning. So, upon visiting Overstock.com a few weeks ago (Love the O) I saw one of those special foam mattress toppers like the astronauts use (uh, maybe not) and I ordered it. It came last night, we spread it out on the bed and let it unfold until it was it’s full thickness, then slapped that baby under our mattress pad and dived into bed.

It was AMAZING. I jumped out of bed this morning, I felt so good and without the back pain that I figured was just part of being over 40. I apologize for sounding like an infomercial – I just feel so damned good this morning. Damned good. Dammit. That’s my word for the week, and I’m enjoying it. (Damn, I just looked at the photo at Overstock and we were supposed to put the pad OVER the sheets, apparently…)

When we were kids my brother used to say, “Dalmation!” to piss off our mom – she couldn’t get mad at him, he wasn’t saying, “Damnation!” and I thought it was hysterical. Nothing makes you laugh like your 12 year old brother when you’re 10 years old.

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