Could I BE Any Dandier?

I just got back from my Gyn, life is good and so am I!

Stopped at Shop Rite, picked up a roasted chicken, rice and broccoli – the last two are cooking right now and I’m waiting for the kids and husband to get home. Tonight is after school enrichment so they stay late (Hannah is doing the Shakespeare enrichment -she’s one of three Juliets in their 4th grade R&J; Max is taking a pop-up book making class – very cool!)

The contract isn’t signed yet, but Potter Craft and I have come to an agreement about my next book with them. It will be a delicious collection of womanly sweaters and pieces with alluring details and enticing silhouettes. The title is to be Romantic Hand Knits and I’m going through my costume history books looking for cool ideas to translate into hand knit swatches. I’m thinking of a pastel-y palette, but these things are always open to change depending on my whim and what I have for breakfast (apples this morning…)

I’ve also heard that Potter’s having a party at TNNA to celebrate upcoming titles, so at least I know I’ll be welcome at one open bar. Woohoo! This will be my first time at TNNA with a raison d’etre and I’m SO looking forward to it!

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