Today is – ostensibly – the deadline for materials to arrive at Lark for Men Who Knit. I’ve taken liberties with this (heck, I don’t even have some of the sweaters – oh, my!) but I’ve sent them so much stuff already that I think I’m fine as long as I get everything in by the end of the year.

That, after all, was the first deadline I was given when the book was proposed back in the summer. Ah, I can rationalize anything!

Today I finally sent off an essay that’s been on my plate for a while – whew! Now I just have a few more design deadlines to deal with, a few more sweaters to finish, then I can get to my Christmas knitting. Seriously. It occured to me as such a sad thing that I am working on all of these great men’s things and haven’t knit my husband one thing for the holidays. Baaad wife. And although I did make Hannah a pair of socks, I wish I had something else for her. And nothing for Maxie. Baaaad mommy.

Customer Service
I just had a really good experience – go figure! When I was in Chicago I rented a car and paid for the tank of gas, but when I dropped it off I was told I’d be charged $7 (SEVEN!) dollars per gallon of gas that was required to fill the tank. That came to almost $100. Fabulous.

So I called customer service today and they said they’d give me a credit on my credit card for that amount. The guy I spoke with was Canadian (you could tell from the accent) and seemed truly concerned that I’d been charged twice for this gas (making the acutal gas more than $10/gallon) It was a bother to have to deal with, but I’m glad it’s resolved itself so nicely!

Stage Knitting
I failed to mention that yes, Patti LuPone WAS knitting onstage, I’m certain of it. And, yes, my name is mispelled in the photo in the earlier post (although that’s not REALLY my holiday card – it was a joke…) HERE is our holiday card!

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