A Chrismukka Miracle

I’m a simple person, my needs are few (my room is bare…) and my bar is set are pretty low.

Today is jackpot day, though, because THREE of my life goals have been realized!

1. I’ve been quoted in the NY Times

2. My name’s been misspelled in the NY Times

3. I’ve been quoted using the word “orgy” – almost as good as using the word porn in a presentation – in an article in the NY Times

Did I mention the NY Times? The article by Andy Newman, who was such a delight to talk to on the phone, will be in the 12/20 edition. It’s online right now. How I do run on.

And no, I didn’t stay up all night until the online edition came out, I’m up because my husband set not one, but THREE alarms to wake him and two of them went off while he was in the shower at 2:00 am. Life as a morning news show teleprompter operator is a bitch. Definitely not an orgy. Having gone to bed at 8:00 due to some new and exciting runny-nose cold (Theraflu strips, you’re my only hope…) I was ripe for the waking at 2:00.

So the above NY Times quote, in conjunction with the arrival of a shipment of books AND orders from Amazon for over 100 of them, allows me to leap over this annoying cold and get to work packing boxes for shipment.

Time to start peeling and grating potatoes – this will be the best Chrismukka yet!

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