No License for YOU!

I must say that I looked adorable. I found a wonderful woman at the Clinique counter who did a lovely, natural job on me (and yes, of course I bought something – what do you take me for!?? I got TWO different moisturizers for $58 and left with a list of stuff to leave out for Gerry in case he’s still looking for something for my stocking…).

My makeup was stunning, my hair was well conditioned (I colored it yesterday – no grays on me!) and I was wearing a good blue turtleneck (excellent for ID photos – tried and true) My worst ID photo EVER was when I worked at Time Inc. back in the early 80’s. That was when it was just plain ol’ TIME INC. Anyway, I wore a lovely peach scoop neck sweater – bought at Saks in celebration of my new adult job – and thought I looked spiffy. Until I saw the photo [jazzy chord of steamy music swells] and I looked like I was posing topless for my ID photo. The image was cut off just above the danger zone (think Elaine’s Christmas card taken by Kramer) so it was unclear whether I was clothed or not. Total faux nudie look. And there I was, just grinning and grinning like a friggin’ idiot. I looked like a Mousketeer stripper.

SIDETRACK: Oh my god – I just saw DIck Van Dyke on TV, on the Tavis Smiley show, and he looks AMAZING! I guess it’s true that drink DOES pickle the organs! He’s EIGHTY?! Eighty is the new seventy.

Anyway, I get to the DMV, prepared with my two forms of ID (totalling 6 points, some absurd plan they have now to make life even MORE complicated) and I’m told that my current drivers’ license isn’t a good enough form of ID.

Excuse me? This is the drivers’ license that THE STATE OF NJ ISSUED ME seven years ago! Apparently it’s not a DIGITAL ID – which means it has no photo – which was WHAT THEY GAVE ME! The fact that I still had my previous drivers’ license – the expired one (with a most excellent photo, I might add…) didn’t mean diddly. It’s expired, so it’s no good.

So therefore I was several points short of my six points. And to add insult to injury, I didn’t have my birth certificate because – having used it to get my FIRST drivers’ license in NJ many years ago – I stupidly thought it wouldn’t be necessary.

So I’ve just ordered my birth certificate online from Toledo, Ohio – and with any luck it will arrive before the end of the year (yeah, fat chance…) because my license expires on 12/31. And I will have to visit yet another Clinique counter…

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Yes, I still do have some brutal cold, Kenny. I don’t exactly know why – I think it’s because my office is – literally – 40 degrees on a good day. I have asked Santa for a space heater.

Ah, Latkes! My secret is that I drain the poatoes, let them sit, then SQUEEZE the water out of them yet again. Very dry grated potatoes make the best latkes! And a little bit of sweet potato doesn’t hurt, either!

And I have to confess – I did NOT buy a copy of the NY Times from two days ago. I’m an idiot. Gerry’s a little miffed that I didn’t tell him I’d be quoted or he would have bought a copy. So if anyone out there has a copy and is going to throw it away, if you’d care to send it to me I’d be very grateful! You can send the article (you don’t have to send the whole paper!) to PO Box 813, South Orange, NJ 07079. I am not archive savvy (as is apparent when you note above I have to re-order my birth certificate) and I’m terrible at buying and keeping copies of things. A skill I really have to hone now that I don’t have my mom to run out and buy endless copies of anything that I’m connected with!

And apologies all around on the late book arrival to Amazon. I just sent out a bunch of books Priority so they’d get there as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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