The First Edit is IN!! Huzzah, huzzah!

The first complete edit of Wonderful Wire Jewelry is in – and I am sore happy! … and did you notice that I snagged the domain name? I feel so happy I could burst!

I do understand that it’s just one step, bit it was a big one. Reading the entire book, looking at all my missteps and correcting them, seeing how well the tech editor had formatted the patterns – it was a revelation. Just lovely. I stayed up pretty late last night to finish the edit, and emailed all of the corrections to the editor today. Hooray!

Back to Earth
And then, to celebrate, I went to whole foods and bought 10 pounds of potatoes and a bunch of onions (latkes!), a pecan pie, a coffee cake (MIL is visiting) some new tea (can you believe that my Darjeeling is $11.00 for a box? I got the Irish Breakfast instead – the Scottish Breakfast was gone – damn!) some clementines and some other fruit.

Then I came home and spent the last full hour picking up frozen gifts from our doggie – and the neighbors two pooches – in our backyard. I began to fear that if we had one warm day we’d have to move due to the mess and smell, and I’d rather do it when it’s frozen. It’s a damn good thing I love Atticus so much. And I love the word damn. Damn Apologies to any kiddies who are reading.

So now I have two (count ’em, TWO) small projects to finish for Men Who Knit – a few patterns to write (very simple ones) and that is off my plate. Oh – wait – there’s the editing of the profiles! Good thing I have uber-mensch Drew handling a lot of that angle for me – yehaw!

So now I go rest with the kids. No homework tonight – maybe I’ll let them open one of the gifts early, a brand new math game (they’re both a little math geeky) and we’ll all play something nice tonight!

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