Miter Me, Baby!

I spent the day reworking an edging on a mitered coat that was knit up for me by Donna W (thanks, Donna!!) for Artyarns in their Ultramerino 4 – a sweet little fingering weight yarn that knits like buttah (just ask Donna…) I wanted to get it finished so the Artyarns folks could take it out to TNNA, and also just because I wanted to get it done!

Donna had followed my edging instructions, but it just didn’t look right. Not her fault – totally mine. So I ripped it out, reworked it (more stitches, more colors, fewer rows) and also added some crocheted duplicate stitch to bring the colors of the bottom of the jacket up into the shoulder yoke. I’m really happy with it! I did the duplicate stitching by chaining onto the fabric of the garment, holding the yarn on the wrongside, and working on the right side, pulling the loops up through the loop already sitting on the crochet hook. Does anyone know what this technique may be called? I call it crochet chain duplicate stitch, but that seems like a mouthful.

In the photos the red is a little more pop-ish than it is in real life. I’m not sure I’d pick these EXACT colors again, but my son is in love with it and said, “It looks like an Angel!” Wouldn’t it be cool if angels wore Caribbean colors? Wouldn’t it be even cooler if I could spell?

And – really (REALLY) this is NOT a nightmare to knit. Especially if you have someone like Donna to knit it up for you… Seriously, though, the pattern is the same for all sizes, the difference is in the size of the squares. I didn’t do any buttonholes or closures – but there’s no reason they couldn’t be added if that’s what you’d prefer! With any luck the pattern should be up early in the new year!!

Tomorrow – The Trip To DMV, redux…

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