Movie Knitting

There’s a $2 movie theatre not too far from us that shows 2nd run films. I took the kids there to see Wallace & Grommit earlier this week, and had a FABULOUS movie knitting experience. Perhaps it was because it was a knit-friendly W&G experience, but as I was furiously trying to work past the toe shaping on a pair of sox for Max (wanting to get to the straight St st section that I can do in the dark) it dawned on me that the lights in the theatre weren’t dimming even though the movie had started!

Whether it was a mistake on the part of the light operator (I had noticed that the theatre was exceptionally dark as we entered, then the lights went up, so maybe they just had their switches confused…) or a sign of grace that knitting is allowed and expected during this film, I was very happy. And I was sitting just below one of those high-intensity lamps, so even when I dropped my dark brown Colonial rosewood dpn I was able to see it and continue knitting. A minor knitting miracle.

Lord of the TV
Max received a Lord Of The Rings Wireless Sword TV Game – swordsmanship and levels and all kinds of odd creatures. Hannah’s become the family swordmaster (mistress) and is killing trolls and sea serpents with wild abandon. Max also enjoys the game, but last night Gerry bought him a slinky for Hanukkah and he sort of enjoys that more right now. It’s not widely known about me, but I’m a real sucker for pin ball machines. I love them – and one of my favorite things is to play them when I’m in a bar in a new town. I discovered that I had an unhealthy obsession for computer games when someone gave me Pathways of Darkness during one of my pregnancies, and now this Lord of the Rings game threatens to call to me with it’s siren song. Once the kids are back at school, I am IN middle earth!

So, to celebrate, I just ordered the Lord Of The Rings series from Netflix. They’re supposed to come today – a rainy and cold day – so it will be a good day to sit in front of the TV and knit.

Ms. Puffy Face Drives
So either today or tomorrow I have to get my Drivers License. HAVE to. I have a really bad cold – dare I say, Flu? My nose is running, my eyes are red and my face is puffy. Lovely. THIS is how I’ll be remembered for the next 10 years… I did receive my birth certificate from Toledo in a record 2 days (WOW!) but it arrived late in the day on Friday – too late for me to head to the DMV before Christmas.

Sweaters In, Sweaters Out
I recieved a BATCH of great sweaters in the past few days and, after steam blocking them and logging them in, labeling them, I sent them on to Lark Press yesterday. I’m three sweaters short (one arrived late yesterday – a beauty – but I need to work on the collar a bit; two more are yet to come…) but I feel so good that I have all but 3 pieces into the publisher by 1/1. Now I have to forward images and worksheets for these items to the tech editor so she can see how I came up with my figures.

Here are a couple of the sweaters sent in by some very talented knit guys down in Georgia – THANK you Lou & Doug!

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