Driving SUCCESS!!

With a few days to spare!

Right after I took this photo (I was freezing, and feverish) I came home and collapsed onto the sofa and slept for 6 hours. Then I woke up, chilled and feverish again, and Gerry gave me a mug of the CVS Severe Cold & Flu stuff I bought a while ago (it tastes like dreck!) and that made me fee AMAZINGLY better!

But, best of all, I have my drivers license!

With the NJ stamps all over it, I wonder why they even bother to have a photo, but there it is. And thank god for the scarf – not only was I not shivering (they had to try the photo THREE times) but it hides those extra chins that have come along for the ride since my earlier ID, taken back in 1993;

But, of course, nothing beats what I’ve had to carry around for the past 7 years – with NO photo ID – which makes my trips to the airport a gleeful romp:

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