TWTYTW* in NO order!

– I’m here!

– I saw the cutest models EVER in IK

– No major losses this year in the immediate family, and a recovery from the ravages of breast cancer by my cousin, Jan.

– I signed my first contract with two different publishers for two books (MWK & WWJ.

– I published my first collection of essays by other folks (and paid them, and a copy editor, and the printer, and broke even!)

– I discovered a new toy at Ikea – foldable boxes with a zip bottom I can use to transport teaching materials easily!

– We bought Hannah a violin. Now, lessons.

– I entered into my first writing partnership (joyfully!)

– I wrote my first letters of agreement (and had to use one to recover teaching fees…)

– Our family acquired health coverage this year (but over 45 million in the US are not…)

– I renewed my drivers license

– I finally joined a frequent flyer program (and finally have a reason to!)

– I met CAP!

– We discovered that Max really DOES love and have an affinity for piano. Now, lessons.

– I met my goal of teaching workshops and classes at LYS’s and other venues for an average of twice a month.

– I hired my first knitters and have been rewarded magnificently for my trust.

– I had my first VK Cover

– I put designing things I love ahead of designing for magazine submission deadlines (but I still submit!)

– I started my first knitalong

– I still have this chest congestion. Crap.

– But I did find a new woman doctor, nearby, who is wonderful. (And who I will be seeing very soon.)

– I acquired a palm and have become an Audible MP3 Recorded Book afficianado (and the NY Times, and the New Yorker, too…)

– PT Cruiser. Vroom.

– 2 Speeding tickets caught on camera in DC. Shame.

– I dyed my hair for the first time (thanks Audrey!)

– I finally started a 529 plan for Hannah (Max will have to wait a bit…)

– We lost a cat, but acquired a new kitten in Ohio.

– I saw fewer movies, but more DVDs, than ever before (thanks Netflix!)

– I broke down and acquired a business credit card to keep my expenses straight. Yeah, right.

In 2006 I will:

– Meet Drew in person!!

– Obtain passports for the entire family and get us out of the country at least once! (for a good reason)

– Have part of the basement redone as my office/workspace

– Paint the inside of the house (watch for color chips…)

– Make new draperies by the time the new Sofa and Chaise I bought arrive on 1/13 (yep, impulse by at a store going out of business – here’s a bad photo taken by my cell phone camera…)

– Be better organized when I travel (ship more, carry less…)

– Survive!

*That was the year that was

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