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The whole lung thing is getting ridiculous. It affects so much of my life – amazing how exhausted one gets when the air passages aren’t clear! I’ve been down with this off and on for a few weeks now, and feel so whiney to talk about it all the time. This weekend it got totally ridiculous, though, with lots of hacking and coughing – I’m such a joy to be around, let me tell you…

My doctor thought I might have pneumonia, so she sent me to get a chest Xray. I don’t have it – amen.

But she also gave me a referral to a pulmonary specialist, so maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this never-ending infection which stays and stays and stays. It’s like a bad boyfriend who goes away for a week but comes back, slipping his key in the lock and raiding the refrigerator while you’re still asleep. You wake up and he’s on the sofa, surrounded by dirty dishes, wadded up tissues and watching COPS on TV. (oh, wait, that’s me…)

It’s rainy and grey – tonight more rain, tomorrow rain and snow – I hate it when it’s mixed like that!

So, for the time being, I’m spending a lot of time resting and enjoying the fact that I don’t need to be anywhere for several weeks. Rest is good. And listening to Team of Rivals, plugging my Palm Zire into the new stereo system Gerry bought, so I can roam between books on CD, audible books on MP3 and talk radio. I’m just a joy to be around…

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