Tech Help – Laptop Suggestions?

I’ll be doing a LOT of traveling this coming Spring, and it’s time to get myself a laptop. I’m looking for the following things:

1. Mac
2. Sturdy yet not too heavy
3. OSX 10.4 or higher compatible
4. Wireless Internet
5. Able to run my email (macmail)
6. Able to run Filemaker Pro

It’s not vital that it do the following, but it would be nice…
1. Run my photoshop, quark or other big apps

Any suggestions? Any macheads out there totally in love with your laptop, which was a reasonable amount of $$ yet does all you need it to do? This will not be my primary computer, but something I can load my traveling files into and take with me so I’m not at the mercy of kind computer users and kinko’s to check my email.

You guys have been an incredible resource so far on just about anything I ask, so I figure you’ll have the thumbs up and thumbs down comments on various models that I probably won’t get from the typical geek-search.

Antibiotics – yea or nay?
More than anyone else I understand the dilemma about antibiotics. We use them (overuse them) to the point that we grow super-infections in our systems as if we’re walking petrie dishes. But I like to breathe. I am feeling much, much better today than I have in weeks – hey, we’ve been here before, n’est ce pas? – but I’m troubled by the 2 weeks of AB’s I have to take to kill – yes, KILL – the growing beast within my lungs. Phlegm is a bitch.

Last night I began the process to fulfill one of my NY resolutions. I filled out applications for everyone in the family to get passports, and if I can get my butt in gear I’d like to get the applications in by the end of the week. NOTE: This process will end up costing over $350 – for passports??? Geez, louise. And the kid’s passports will only be good for 5 years. But I very much want to have the ability to just pack up and GO with them to someplace cool if the chance presents itself. Besides, we do travel to Canada (at least I do) every now and then, and soon we’ll need to have passports to visit our friends to the north. Next – photos of the family! And you’ll see it all here, folks, every step of the process. In painful detail. I promise to at least knit a bit in the waiting line…

And speaking of painful detail, here’s my to do list for today. If I get half this stuff done I’ll be in heaven!

Check PO Box
Take boxes to dump
buy bookcases – Ikea
buy rug – Ikea
pick up glasses – Costco
Drop off donated clothing – Costco Lot
Buy card stock & printer cartridge – Costco?
Straighten up Hannah’s room
Clean up basement (with kids…)
Send sketches to Interweave for Lace Book
Make votive kits & send to Stephanie
send out LOA’s through May
Send out birthday invitations – Max’s party
renew prescriptions

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