Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

Here’s the wild rumpus room for the kids. And tonight will the the THIRD night they’ve slept down here on the sofa. They love it – it’s like camping (but there’s a TV)

So now the kids have furniture to destroy – life is grand!

[sidebar: I cannot believe that Prez Palemer (aka Dennis Hasbert) is dead on 24! Damn!]

Well, the many emails have assuaged my guilt – I am preparing myself for the tasty pillow chocolates even as I speak. Gerry read my posts and said, “You know, you really SHOULD have some event in your room to make it more worthwhile!” So I’m thinking a Pajama Party?

Thanks also for the excellent Mac tips. I’ve already been on my laptop so much in the past few days – with the airport and the excellent battery life I’m living life in the fast lane. I am really looking forward to having the ability to edit the calendar while I’m in California – what a weight THAT will be off of my mind! That’s one of the hardest things when I travel – to get the sitting-down-at-my-computer work done that I usually do in the few hours before bed. I hate the wasted time while I watch C-span (I’m a span-head with no cable, so my hotel stays are VERY exciting) when I COULD be working on some stitch stuff on the computer.

Tomorrow we have to go into the city (me, the kids and one of Hannah’s friends) and then on Tuesday I make a return trip for the Directions show. A friend here in NJ puts it together, and I LOVE going and seeing the fabrics and trends for the coming year. Or all the different ideas of what folks think the trends will be…

This year another friend who sells her trend swatches at the show asked me if I’d like to put some hand knit swatches together, so she’ll have them at her booth. I’m very interested to see if any of them actually move, if the kinds of stitch patterns and colors I put together would interest ‘real’ designers looking for hot trends. Hey, wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants if I got a trend forecast from a magazine with one of my swatches in it…?

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