…and boy are my arms tired. Seriously. Carrying these bags around is hard work.

Little did I know that we’d be flying over the moon to get to San Diego, but apparently we took a detour…

The plane was delayed because of – stupid people. Um, this is your captain, we’re being delayed because there are some very stupid people in the aisle who don’t understand that they need to move their bodies over so that other folks can get past them… we should be taking off as soon as the lady in 15C gets her 2 carryon bags stuffed in the full overhead bin…”

I’ve been flying a lot lately – well, a lot for me – and this was like a herd of cows getting on the plane. It was like no one understood that you scooch into the seat to let the other folks past, THEN you cram your bag up in the overhead. Sheesh.

I thought I was just making this up, but as the crowd was leaving the plane guess what – another bottleneck! This one right behind my row, so I was the last to make it off before some person (who shall remain nameless) insisted on standing in the aisle and taking down their bags, AND PACKING UP THEIR PURSE, while everyone behind them waited.

I was sitting next to a guy who spent the trip studying to be a pilot. He looked very smart, and was very studious – it made me feel good. He was amused when I started taking pictures out of the window. His girlfriend was a few rows back, and it crossed my mind to offer to switch seats so the nice couple could be together, but then I would have ended up being behind the worlds slowest disembarking passenger (and I would have lost my window seat) so I stayed put.

I was sad to leave this morning – Maxie was sad, Hannah was sad, Elaine was philosophical. When I called from the plane (before we took off) I was told that Maxie wouldn’t eat -sore throat – and when I suggested “How about some ice cream…” I got the “Well, alright, if you think it would be a good idea.” response one would expect from a loving grandma who can’t believe her goyisher daughter in law is feeding her grandson ICE CREAM for breakfast. Yeah – it’s what we had every morning before church.

Aside from being cramped, the flight wasn’t bad – I’m trying a new tact; traveling by the window. It’s actually much easier for me, less bumping and I can sleep. So off we go, hello window (and wonderful photos!)

The rental car place was fine – but I still like Enterprise – and the hotel is (prepare yourself) just eh. It’s nice. I had to play mind games with the really nice security guy (Dave) to get an internet hookup. They don’t have wireless, and if you want a cable it’s $7.50 (you can find the cord in the drawer above the mini bar – that should tell me something…) The bottle of Evian is $5.50 (WHY are hotels charging for water? That really DINKS me off!) and as I was guided into the elevator by the valet parking guy the doors THREW themselves at me. Seriously, it was high drama for the folks in the barber shop (“Lookey at that!”) That was actually how I met Dave, the security guy, when he came to make a report on the psycho elevator and took pity on my internet-less state.

The woman at the desk said, “No, we dunt have wireless in ze rooms, but you can come to ze lobby or the restaurant, where zere ees wireless…” (I’ll bet she’s really from Cleveland) I explained to Dave that they really DIDN’T want me coming down to the lobby in my PJ’s tonight, which I might do, if I didn’t have a cord. And then there was a cord. Tada.

Tonight I teach at The Grove and I’m thinking I’ll go by early to get a bite to eat. It’s actually 7:30 my time right now, and all I’ve really had today is the meal they call breakfast on the plane and some nuts. I kept meaning to run out and eat, but there was a shower, then the internet stuff, and now it’s so close to the time I have to leave for the Grove that I’ll just go early and find some nice cafe with good sandwiches. That mini bar’s looking mighty good.

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