Rama-Lama Dim Sum

Tonight Potter Craft had a nice get together at Rama, a Thai restaurant near the convention center. It was great to meet a lot of folks I’d just emailed or talked to on the phone before, and even more exciting to meet designers and writers like Fiona Ellis, Cat Bordhi and Jill Moreno & Amy Singer who I’d just emailed or blogged with before (except for Amy, who I’d met at another TNNA)! What a great time, and I laughed so hard my sides hurt!

I felt like I was running all day – I checked out of Chez Luxe this morning, worked at the Artyarns booth until 10:30 or so, drove out to Lori’s Frames & Fiber in Alpine, taught an AMAZING class to a group of very accomplished and enthusiastic knitters (who loved to laugh!!), drove back to SD and worked the AY booth until the Potter party. A very full and rich day.

There’s a Motel 6 in San Diego, sandwiched between the airport and the train tracks. Here I am! The room is CHEAP but very clean and nice, there’s HBO and wireless internet, so I’m very happy. Maybe I’m just ruefully a burgers and fries gal?

I have to admit that it is quite a rush to have folks recogize me – and something I’m not really prepared for. They don’t recognize me as much as my name – and let’s be honest, this is about the only place on earth where anyone would know my name (a knitting convention) but it’s pretty cool. Someone called me “Fiona” yesterday, so when I met her and realized that we’re pretty much the same height and shape with similar hair color, it all made sense. She is a hoot!

Now off to dreamland on my $49 mattress. I’ll let you know if there’s a marked difference…

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