Classes: good; Day: not so good

I love my husband.

I lost my cellphone on this trip (my own irresponsibility) and today I had a fender bender (a car swiped the back of my rental as I was pulling out of a parking space and he was pulling into a driveway – probably more my fault than his) and here is what Gerry emailed me today:

First of all Hannah, Max and I are all very proud of you and can’t wait to see you. We’ll be at the EWR – Liberty waiting for your 6:30 arrival). Phones get lost and cars get hit. The important thing is you are well and have fans who love you (if nothing else you have some good blog material).

I was at Unwind, preparing for my class this evening when I read that email. I wept. Heaven knows this sort of thing is the last thing you want to have happen on a business trip, but of course it could be worse (no one was hurt) and even though I didn’t take the insurance through the rental place I am covered by my own car insurance back home in NJ. We certainly pay enough for it. Gerry emailed me with a claim number, our policy number and contact info. I love him.

The class at Unwind – Votive Sleeves – went very well! I had neglected to specify what size votives the folks should bring in, so we had quite an array! Only two of the knitters were able to complete their sleeves, but everyone else certainly got the hang of it and will definitely be able to finish at home. This strikes me as a really wonderful intro to knitting with wire, and I think I’ll be changing my wire knitting class to something more along these lines. I think it will be important to specify a size for the votives themselves, though, for future classes.

The students were so eager and open to new techniques – what a happy group! Because the class started pretty early (6:00) some of the folks were late, but that really made no difference. Two folks didn’t show up – my feeling is perhaps they were running late and just gave up. Two others had to cancel due to other situations – they were missed!

Last night I taught at Knitters Studio and it was a spectacular class! The participants were game for anything, and I really pushed them hard! We worked through combination knitting, ribbing, increasing and then we ended with (what else?) cabling without a cable needle. The participants were very gracious – it was so enjoyable to teach such a positive and upbeat group of women! I would expect no less from Liz’s shop. In her window right now she has some AMAZING pieces by Joan McGowan-Michael of White Lies Designs which are SO sexy and beautiful! I could have stared at them all day.

Tomorrow I drop off the car with a big swatch of back bumper peeled off like a tangerine. I have to deal with rental car folks, then drag my heavy, heavy bags to the airport, take the plane home and get hugs from Gerry, Hannah and Max. I wish it were tomorrow night right now!

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