Perhaps I’m just getting the hang of the air travel thing, or maybe I had a good flight, but it seemed to go by quickly. The flight was actually 1-1/2 hours shorter than the flight out (tailwinds) and I was as comfortable as a long-legged person can be in a short-legged space.

Absolutely the BEST feeling a mom can have is seeing her kids running to her in an airport after a long trip. I missed them SO much, they missed me – hugs and kisses all around. Hannah greeted me with the news that for the second year in a row she’s won the poetry writing contest at school (yahoo!) and Maxie was just so glad to see me that I almost cried. Okay, I did cry.

Gerry looked wonderful, too, and we chatted and laughed all the way home. An evening of snuggling, hugging and a little milk of magnesia for the boy who evidently hadn’t been eating enough fiber or drinking enough water while mom was away…

I’m answering some email tonight, but I’m holding off for the lion share of catching up work until tomorrow when I can settle into a calm, empty house and just concentrate on catching up. It is so good to be home.

So, uh, since when is a Chevy Impala 78 wagon a vintage car? Apparently when it’s hit in a parking lot. The guy who was involved in the accident tried to tell me that THIS is a vintage car, that the parts are hard to get (what parts? It’s a DENTED fender! Pound it out!) I told him my brother had one and he got sheepish, so I didn’t have to go all My Cousin Vinny on his butt. Yeah, I always cover the back of MY vintage cars with bumper stickers (they must have been vintage, too…)

This is what my car looked like. Tomorrow I face the music and call the rental car place and my insurance company to start the wheels rolling on the great parking lot fiasco.

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