I’ve spent most of my time this weekend editing three different projects – all requiring different skill sets, and each one tedious in it’s own way.

I’ve been (finally!) getting around to going over the fine profiles that Drew sent me. He’s done such a great job on them, most of what I’m doing is just cleaning up things so that when they read there is a feeling of cohesion, that they’re all part of the same whole. The stories about the men are wonderful – I loved reading them when they first came in, but I really enjoy seeing how Drew’s distilled them down to the essence of the essay.

This editing is really done in three parts

The images – Upgrading and changing the resolution so they all match, silhouetteing the images and creating drop shadows – the most time consuming part
The Patterns – Editing them so they match in style, double checking sums and breaking out the materials, tools, stitches used and any other important information pertinent to the specific pattern. No, wait, THIS is the most time consuming part.
Style – Inputting the patterns into a predetermined Quark style sheet. If everything up to this point has been done well, this part can go relatively quickly.

This weekend was dedicated to The Images – lots of photo editing, lots of photoshop.

I’m working on some stuff for a few other books, and I tried to get organized with those projects this weekend, too. Notifying yarn companies for yarn to use on the projects, writing patterns, working up samples (I finished a crocheted doggie sweater!) and just generally trying to get my head wrapped around my WORK again instead of around traveling!

I’m feeling pushed, and stressed, but I think that’s more a function of not yet getting re-organized and back in the game that seriously being overwhelmed with work. I feel as though I’m just below the surface and about to break through, then I’ll be able to see the hoizon and determine exactly HOW far from shore I am, and how much swimming I really have to do!

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