I’ve taken on a project which I’ve dreamed about for a while – a bathing suit.

This will NOT be a bikini. Bikinis are fine, but I wanted to design a bathing suit that I might actually want to wear myself. Who knows, if it goes well maybe I’ll do a tankini pattern, too! I’ve always loved Esther Williams – loved her athleticism, her skill and beauty – and her bathing suits!

Now the hard part. The schematic. Harder than knitting is figuring out the pattern. I’m going to use a double strand of Cascade Fixation, knit very tight to create the heavy, girdle-like fabric of those fabulous, bad, 40’s & 50’s suits, and I’ll rely heavily on ribbing in the back for shaping help. I think I’m going to twist the fabric between the cups, but I need to fiddle with that. There will, of course, be elastic around the legs and around the upper back.

This isn’t knitting, it’s engineering.

Wire By Any Other Name
I just this minute recieved the latest draft of the wire book – current working title, Loop & Twist and, my question is, do any of you have a really inventive, gripping title for this book which might include the words “Wire”, “Jewelry” or “Knitting?” Even if it doesn’t include those words, I’d love to hear your suggestions! I think Loop & Twist is fine, but I also think it’s awfully close to Teva’s book title, Loop-d-loop

The book is looking VERY good – the font is funky (very 70’s) but easy to read, the images are unexpected but clear – in rushing through it quickly I see places where images are labeled incorrectly, stuff like that – but it’s the first time I’ve seen it laid out, and it’s very exciting. This is going to be a beautiful book!

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