men who knit and the sheep who terrify them

Actually, in tonight’s Arrested Development, it’s Tobias who is knitting. Hmmmm. In case any of you aren’t familiar with Arrested Development, Tobias is a therapist who calls himself an an-alrap-ist, not what it would seem, which is one of the jokes… never mind…


I’m so behind! Apparently my knitcast has been up for a few days, but I finally heard it today – wahoo! I’m stunned that Marie was able to make something coherent out of our hour long conversation. With all my wheezing and heavy breathing I thought I’d come across like a masher.

It’s funny, though, I can really hear that I’m talking slower and taking longer breaks between words than I used to do. I don’t sound like the me I’m used to hearing – but having said that I’m very happy with how I sound – and very happy with Marie’s editing and her intelligent questions.

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