The meds I’m on ARE working, they really are – the difference in my breathing 2 weeks ago compared to today is striking. However, I’m still winded all the time. Or rather, I’m winded when I do anything more challenging than sitting perfectly still in my chaise, without sneezing, coughing or drinking any water. Yes, water – when I take a nice, big swallow I feel as though I’ve been held underwater for a few minutes. Yet, this is better.

But is it good enough? On the advice of a friend who I trust, I checked out some chinese herbal remedies for poor breathing. The list of herbs used to improve breathing read like a list from one of my favorite childhood books (but not a child’s book), The Harvester, by Gene Stratton Porter, a story about a man who earns his living in the backwoods and swamps of Wisconsin finding and harvesting plants which are used to create remedies. I just LOVED this book – the characters, the fact that the guy BUILT a house for a woman he loved, but hadn’t really spoken with – and the fact that the fellow was able to use his native skills to create a life for himself. Late 19th Century Romantic Nature Writing, ahhhh.

Apparently this affected my life view in large ways – my life goal has always been to be independent, to earn my living on my own, without the need for a boss or employer – and I’ve settled into something that, for the time being, allows this to happen. Odd how those books we read as kids carry such power throughout our lives.

So as I was looking over the herbs listed under the BRONCHITIS category I felt at a total loss: Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae, Armeniacae Amarum Seed, Flos Farfarae, Rhizoma Pinelliae, Herba Ephedrae, Radix Asteris, Folium Eriobotryae, Semen Sinapis Albae, Fructus Trichosanthis. The only one that’s familiar to me (a non herbalist and so-so science student) was Herba Ephedrae – tiny bunches of which have been found with mummies in the Tarim basin in China – a broncho dialator.

I’m going to take the information to my doc and see if there’s a reason why I shouldn’t give these herbs a try. I’m curious as to the response I’ll get.

I’m also looking into acupuncture – several folks have written or called me with amazing stories about how it’s helped them or someone they know suffering from lung ailments. I have friends who are acupuncturists (not nearby, sadly) and I’m surprised I didn’t consider this sooner.

On the knitting front – the bathing suit continues apace – it’s looking good, I’m happy with the shape and I’m pondering what to do about the bust shaping. I’d like to include a sort of shelf bra, knitted into the piece, so I’m trying to figure that out.

I just finished some socks, a necklace and a doggie sweater in crochet for Sharon Silverman’s second book on crochet, Beyond Basic Crochet Basic Crochet will be released later this year – and it’s so much fun to be working up something for someone else’s book!

I have another crochet item that I have to work up – or rather, hire someone else to as I’m getting to the deadline on a number of things. It’s a kimono shaped jacket with rose embellishments, we’re just finalizing the yarn (oh, and I have to write the pattern, yeah, that…)

I’ve added a few stops to my Southeast Trip in early March. Yep, I’m definitely going! Traveling by car is SO much easier for me than flying – no carrying of heavy bags through airports, no shipping of multiple boxes to and from my venue – and if I get tired in the car I just pull over and rest, have a cup of tea, etc. I love driving, I hate flying. There, I’ve said it.

Anyway, I’ve added the following stops to my trip – if you live near these areas and have a hankering to take a class with me,

The Whole Nine Yarns
105 E. Main – Suite 126 / Woodstock, GA 30188 / 678-494-5242
Combination Knitting
Tuesday, 3/7/2006, 7 o’clock (2 hour class)

Yarn Paradise
6 All Souls Crescent / Asheville, NC 28786 / (828) 274 – 4213
Potpourri of Combo Knitting Tricks & Tips
Tuesday, 3/14/2006 (contact shop for time)

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