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It’s president’s week, and the kids are home from school. Mostly this means unlimited Star Wars games and lots of time figuring out activities. It also means it’s harder for me to get as much done as I’d like, but that’s the breaks!

I’ve finished the man’s colorwork hat (it’s an extra piece for Men Who Knit) and I’m pretty happy with the odd colors. I wasn’t sure they’d work, but I think they’re groovy, dude.

Swatching continues for Romantic Knits – and in the course of some hard figuring I received an email from my editor with the FINAL cover of the wire book. Thanks to Kristen for her suggestion of Twist & Loop – I passed it along to the editor and it stuck! I’m also THRILLED that they’re using my favorite piece in the book for the cover, it makes me giddy!

Yesterday I spent a good 4 hours working up the pattern for the knit dress. Upon further reflection, I don’t think I will knit it up myself. I really need a 2nd pair of hands to go over this pattern (although, for the effect, it’s relatively simple!) and my time is so short over the next few months that I need to be sensible and not try to do everything myself, which I sometimes do.

I’m also working up a pattern for an Egyptian inspired design – I’m trying to stick with terra cottas, sand & palm green colors. At first I had this as a type of rainbow dress – which would be fun – but would be difficult for most women to wear with confidence. Today I’ll work up this pattern – it feels so good to get the math parts finished and set aside so I can figure my yarn amounts and start ordering!

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