I need a Road Manager

It occured to me that I need people. I need a girl to schedule appointments and a boy to arrange travel (in the biz these are always “girls” and “boys” – even if they’re menopausal) And I need roadies – lots of them. And a traveling masuesse.

But I have me – I am my booking agent, travel agent, administrative assistant, driver, craft service and my own best groupie. Life is grand. Now you all know why I’m so damned appreciative when my teaching engagements are filled with nice people (which they usually are!)

I’m gearing up to leave next Thurs for Atlanta and points south. Today I trained by taking Atticus to the groomers WITH the kids, taking the kids to McDonalds, grocery shopping WITH the kids, packaging 30 books with HELP from the kids and dyeing my hair – also with help from Hannah. After I finished I was winded, exhausted, trembling with tiredness – but happy. Now I recuperate and try to get some knitting done, patterns written so I can assign some sweaters before I leave.

And it occured to me – along with my need for people – that my people have a need for tour shirts. So I designed a few and here they are.

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